Virtual Patients

This page has selected talks, videos and articles Jonathan has written relating to virtual patients. There are also a number of published articles in the research or the publications page.

Creating your own virtual patient
Written in Genoa Airport and on the plane home this article outlines the basics of the VP authoring process.

This 2 minute video is the entire VP creation process, as we used back then, speeded up from 8 hours of footage.
Models for virtual patients
A talk for a Medical Education in Genoa outlining different ways that VPs can be put together.
A Workable Model for Virtual Patient Design
Written for an education conference at Edgehill university. Its a more complete exposition of how to put a VP together and shows how the model was developing.
Teaching decision-making skills through inexpensive virtual scenarios
Presented at an Education conference in Beijing demonstrating how the model had developed further, with more guidelines on writing.
A presentation on the 'Repurposing Existing Virtual Patients' project where we took some linear german VPs and transferred to a course in St. George's.

We put together a video to go along with the ReViP project. Lots of fun, but i'm not sure anyone else in the world will understand what is going on.
Virtual Patient Creation - the workshop handout
We put together a workshop at AMEE in Malaga. I was running one section of this and here is the handout we gave to participants.
Virtual Patient Creation - the workshop presentation
This is the downloadable talk from the same session.

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